November, 2008


The Risk of Abandoning Mark-To-Market Accounting

Blackstone Joins the “Pro-Abolishment” Camp
Posted by Leo M. Tilman, November 13th, 2008, 11:31am

Last Thursday, Blackstone Group – the world’s largest private equity firm – reported a loss of over $500 million, or 44 cents per share. In a now-familiar pattern, this loss posed a stark contract to its profit of 21 cents a year earlier and was significantly underestimated by equity analysts’ forecasts. Interestingly, in the prelude to the earnings announcement, Blackstone’s CEO proposed remedies for the ongoing financial crisis, including the abolishment of mark-to-market accounting.

Commercial Banks 1; Investment Banks 0

Lessons from the Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Conversions
Posted by Herb Addison, Jon Leaf, Leo M. Tilman, November 5th, 2008, 6:17pm

In American cinema, media, and popular opinion, the job of an investment banker has always been viewed as incomparably more glamorous than that of a commercial banker. Investment banks were portrayed to be on the forefront of innovation, complexity, and risk-taking. Commercial banks, on the other hand, projected a much more subdued and routine-driven image. The GS and MS conversions into bank holding companies shed new light on the long-standing debate.

Financial Darwinism explores the origins, drivers, and implications of the ongoing tectonic financial shift. It then equips executives and investors with actionable approaches to creating lasting economic value amidst complexity and uncertainty.

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