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      Xu Zhaodong, the chairman of Yingkou Science and Technology Association visited Kanghui Petrochemical
      Source: | Author:99kanghui | date:2016-02-05 | 13901 Views: | Share:
      On February 4th, the chairman Xu Zhaodong, the vice chairman Dong Pengcheng of  Yingkou Science and Technology Association and Qu Li, the director of  Studying Department visited Kanghui Petrochemical. They highly praised the science and technology workers of Yingkou Kanghui Petrochemical making achievements under the leadership of Liu Jian, the general manager of Kanghui Petrochemical on the implementation of scientific and technological innovation, enhancing research and development capabilities and improving product quality etc. They hoped that Kanghui Petrochemical release production capacity, quality and efficiency to make greater contribution in the new year. General Manager Liu Jian is awarded "Advanced science and technology worker with outstanding contributions to Yingkou City" by Yingkou Science and Technology Association.